This page will provide a running question and answer list. I’ll try to answer many questions in posts in the “Gardening Tips” section, but those that aren’t actual tips may end up here.

How many roses do you have?

At present I’m down one, having euthanized Bella di Todi, 24 plants representing 19 varieties. Bella will be replaced this spring. I’m out of ground space, and trying to limit the number of pots hanging around, but there remain several classes and varieties about which I’m curious.

Isn’t it time consuming to spend all that time with so many plants?

Actually, not really. With the exception of annual pruning (late February or early March), I rarely spend more than 20-30 minutes at a time dealing with the roses. In that regard, tomatoes are higher maintenance, as they need much more frequent staking and tieing.

Do roses need all day sun

Most definitely not. This is a broad category of plants, and so they also have a range of needs depending on breeding and where their ancestral types originated. Some of my healthiest English Roses receive 3-4 hours of sun per day.