Gardening Tips

Random bits learned from others, from books, and from scary scientific experiments along the way. This section includes posts about planting, pruning, fertilizing, disease and pest management.

A bird ate one of my roses! Where is my pellet gun?
Well here is a first. Some evil birdie snatched a nearly open bloom and snacked on it this afternoon! I Read more.
Late seasons, more anticipation, and lots and lots of rain…
Being halfway or more through May, I would normally expect to see more going on in the garden. This is Read more.
Spring Finally Arrives
Firstly, I must apologize for the lack of recent posts. I returned from a work trip to Asia (which went Read more.
The Spring Leaf-out
If ever there was a sign of the degree to which I’ve been infected with rose fever, it’s in the Read more.
LED Grow Light Update
In previous years, I used a fluorescent fixture (with T5 bulbs) as a grow light for my seedlings. This year, Read more.
More biological warfare: nicotine
I love evolution and phylogeny. With animals, you can see how similar traits were adapted over time given different environmental Read more.
Biological warfare: unleashing the hounds
Seriously, aside from grapefruit sized mosquitos, is there a more annoying insect than the common aphid? These voracious pests can Read more.
Zone stretching: the great experiment
With temps dropping to the single digits, easily the coldest weather we’ve had in years (especially after last year’s non-winter), Read more.
The nuclear weapon of organic pest control
The best way to keep insect pests at bay: foul the area with something so noxious they’ll never know what Read more.
Keeping the horses happy
One of the best natural fertilizers this side of dung is, well, the other side of dung. Alfalfa pellets, widely Read more.