The classes and individual varieties in this section represent my own collection and eclectic preferences — which, it should be noted, do not hold being “low maintenance” in particularly high regard. Most would consider a toaster low maintenance. When is the last time you saw anyone get excited over a toaster?

In my limited space, I have no room for boring plants and one-trick ponies. For this reason, you will note all of my roses are varieties possessing distinct and significant scents (many of them based on flavors of citrus or tea — which is quite telling. If ever a rose was bred that smelled like strong espresso, I’d be growing them indoors and in the bathtub). The popular Knock-Out family? About as interesting as a Proctor Silex two-slice in white. I don’t even consider them “real” roses. If you just need something to occupy space, there is nothing wrong with holly. Or a rock garden.

While I have had my surprises and have come to know some favorites, each plant in my collection represents a researched and deliberate choice. You will see here why I chose them, and what experiences they’ve given me…

Current inventory — 25 roses, of the following classes: